So what is urban exploration?

Urban exploration, or urbex, is an activity that involves getting to and seeing places in the society that normally is out of sight for the general people. You find urban explorers in all levels of a city literally speaking. Deep down underground are the explores interested in mines, tunnels, stormwater drains, etc. On land, you find those interested in abandoned buildings and infiltrating live infrastructure like building sites. Then you have those who like to get to the top of skyscrapers or cranes.

Urban abandonments are my favorites

Most of the time I like to stay on the middle and do abandoned buildings and sites. Old buildings with furniture and objects from another era always fascinates me and keep me wonder how that place used to be and why it was abandoned. Sometimes getting into these places is a huge task on its own but I never destroy or force my way in. Well inside I always find it incredibly peaceful and for me it’s like meditation.

Many urban explorers combine the activity with photography as me. I photograph both to document where we have been but also to make interesting pictures that makes the viewer think and wonder. When I pull out the camera and start to shoot inside a place the hours fly by.

Flickr photos

Most of my processed urbexing shots are on my flickr account. The places are sorted in albums and easy to find. There are many urbex photographers on Flickr and I have met many of them on journeys through Europe.

Andreas urbexing underground

Selfie in a dark underground gun powder factory in Sweden

Best books

I recommend several books about urban exploring on my Urbex Books page. Among them this one which explains a lot more about urban exploration and how to get into places: Access All Areas: A User’s Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration


The camera gear you need to do urbex can either be bought or borrowed. If you need a particular lens for a quick project borrow it or buy used at BorrowLenses. Remember insurance. 🙂 If you want to buy new choose Amazon.