An evening explore to a large underground bunker and war shelter facility in Austria. Since it was dark outside and not longer possible to shoot decent stuff we decided to go inside and underground. This place was really huge. The complete size is 53.000m² on at least two levels and long corridors which looked the same in all directions made it easy yo get lost. During the war 8800 people was sheltered down here. Now it is abandoned in complete darkness.

It was a great relaxing explore. Lots of walking and we had time to experiment a bit with light in the damp and moist tunnels.

The place was huge.

Long corridors everywhere.

The corridor was so huge you could drive cars through them. You can see a parked car in the far end.

An abandoned old VW Beetle which was completely white with mold inside.

A bath tub.

The place was in complete darkness so we had to rely on flashlights. Right behind me in this shot was a very deep circular well. Scary.

A couple of old rusty lamps.

Another crew member shooting some large hanging mold.

Large cluster of mold. Probably not healthy to breath in.

Smaller corridor.

Dead end corridor with a lot of old glass flasks.

One of many large shelter halls.

Playing with light 1.

Playing with light 2. Yes it is me in the spotlight.