This is not a deserted place in itself, but an abandoned truck, and I just had to take some pictures of it. Old cars, trucks, boats, trains and planes can also be fascinating with lots of history. This is the beginning of a new category that is titled ‘Abandoned vehicles’. Also a nice warm-up for the upcoming photo trip to a car cemetery in Sweden soon.

This was found on an island near Oslo. An island that is considered one of the most attractive places to live in Norway. Between rich people and celebrities stands the red and blue truck and rust away among the trees. It is finished being useful and has become a natural target of modernization and new times.

Label is a Volvo from the 1950’s. Not sure the exact brand name, so feel free to correct me there, but maybe a L37 or L36.

Front view

Beautiful decay

Front shot

Detail shot

Interior of the truck has seen better days

Steering wheel