A Hidden relic from the Cold War.

During the cold war, Swedish was best in class in how to prepare for war. They built bunkers and defense facilities everywhere like this hidden railway tunnel in the mountain. This one, ‘Upplagsplats 102’, was built in the 50ties and is a 100 m long tunnel in the mountain.

It was connected to the nearby railway, but the tracks are long gone or hidden in the ground. If the enemy cuts off power to the nearby area and the railway, the plan was to drive in mobile converters and transformers to ensure the electricity supply to the rail network in the event of a crisis or war.

The place is secure and hidden and impossible to see even on modern satellite photos. I struggled a bit with finding the place, but that makes the joy of discovering it and walking through the massive gate even larger.

I suppose most of these tunnels stood empty, and there are lots of tunnels like this one, but just a few mobile power-generator trains. I don’t know if this tunnel ever housed a train.

In the far end of the tunnel, a huge dark airshaft led up to the top of the mountain. Tree long ladders had to be climbed to see the top. I’m not that fond of climbing, and the dark and wet nature made it even worse.

But I did it, and I also found the small heavy decayed hut where the soldiers slept.