Somewhere in Belgium next to a busy road lies this beautiful little farm house. The building looks quite anonymous on the outside, but the inside hat quite a lot of nice secrets. There where hay all over the place and the hay loft itself had a beautiful light. I took this picture (link to flickr) which has been shown in a lot og magazines here. I walked around in the dust a while and used a few seconds to exposure the shot. There were a few bedrooms and a living room with lots of old objects. In one of the bedrooms lied a cat which looked like it had been there for a very, very long time.

I have no idea why it is called Tree Mansion. 🙂

The living room.

The people that used to live here perhaps and other object left behind.

A bedroom.


The dusty hay loft had a beautiful light.

The bedrpoom with lots of hay.

The mummified dead cat.