Next to a busy Norwegian motorway is this small restaurant building left to decay. The inside witness of quite a lot of vandalism and chairs, menues and and tables are all over the place. The place also had a peculiar smell. Perhaps from the dirty, wet wall-to-wall carpet on the floor. The place also had a basement and a small office next to the serving counter. Don’t know much about it’s history or when it was abandoned. Almost next to this place was another abandoned restaurant on top of a small hill. Pictures of this place in the next post.

The abandoned restaurant next to the busy motorway.

The Taverna sign. No doubt this place is abandoned.

Lots of chairs and other things in a mess on the floor.

The inside had a peculiar smell.

I wouldn’t cook in this kitchen.

The interior with serving counter and view to the dining area.

View of the whole serving counter – fish-eye style

The sign says in Norwegian “Dagens rett: Kjøttpudding m/ kålstuing, kr 66,-” which means “Today’s dish: Meatloaf w/ cabbage stew, 66 kroner”.

A fire extinguisher.