This is the most dusty and dirty place I have been to shooting urbex shots – an amazing abandoned steelworks in Austria. But it had also the most beautiful light I have ever seen. The photos doesn’t do justice to the warm evening sunlight shining through numerous small windows on the top of the large building. The dusty particles in the air, that some places made beautiful light rays, made it difficult for the camera to tackle the mix of dust and light. The place had thousands of interesting things to photograph. Under the roof was walkways, conveyor belts and iron beams in all directions. On the floor there were old equipment and machines, rails, wagons and a really cool control cabin.

At the bottom I’m trying out a new slide show function I just found (which has probably been there all the time). All the pictures from this post is here.

Rust, dust and parts everywhere. And a great light.

Inside the cool control cabin.

Nice working conditions.

Rusty protection goggles on a table.

Fish-eye shot of the hall.

Crates with equipment.

Green vegetation grew here and there in contrast to the dirt and rust.

Small green plant.

Some buttons and a lifting hook.

Lots of cool conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts and wagons on rails below.

Very dusty environment and somewhat difficult conditions for photography.

Lots of hooks in a row.

Rails in the ceiling.

Collapsed ceiling in a side room.

Reflections in a box filled with water.

Light shines through the dust in the air.