This is one of my favourite locations so far. I don’t know much about this place really, and I dont’t know the name of it. German urbex’ers try to keep it as secret as possible to prevent vandalism, tagging and damage. But the amount of pictures from this place is growing on the web. It is a large complex of buildings and because of limited time we only went to the building were some operating lamps should be. The items and doors have Russian words on them, so I assume it has been a hospital of some kind, occupied by the soviets after World War 2. The soviets probably left between 1992 and 1994 and the buildings have been abandoned ever since.

It was quite and strange, eerie and creepy mood inside the building. Because of the natural decay and small amount of broken windows it was almost a claustrophobic place to be. In other abandoned buildings I am used to broken windows, wind and the possibility to hear if someone is outside. The senses were on high alert, and I found it unpleasant to walk away from my fellow explorers. Quite unusual.

This place and Krampnitz are two of the locations I would really like to explore more due to the large amount of abandoned buildings, but that has to be another time.

Don’t ask were it is. 🙂

UPDATE: Visited a second time. More pics.

The objective of the trip – to see the famous chair

Time to wake up

The chair – close up

Love that amazing roof

The room between the operating theaters with the sterilisator

The sterilisator door. Here is a closup of the wheel handle

The bench

A pair of operation lamps

One of the lamps. Amazingly well preserved compared to the one at Beelitz-Heilstätten

Beautiful natural decay

Standind in the middle of the building looking down a long corridor


No broken windows. Thats nice.

Bye, bye building