Last time I went to this mysterious location, I didn’t really feel that we used enough time here. The main building is big with long corridors stretching in every direction on different levels. Last time didn’t even go upstairs. So it was quite amazing to be able to go back and explore the building further. I still don’t know much about the place and what it was used for but guessing military hospital used by the soviets after second world war because of the Russian words and letters everywhere. I don’t even know the name of the place. Guess that not many Norwegians have ever been here besides me and a few others I know. 🙂

It was a great explore with a really great quite large crew and the building was explored from top to toe. Many empty rooms but there are lots of operating lamps (“compound eyes”) still hanging and the chair is always a winner. On the top floors there was a room with amazing yellow light and volume light coming through the window. Fantastic trip and I’m happy that I was able to visit it once more. We didnt enter the other buildings on the site expect this large one. But there might be other secrets here. Pictures from my first trip this year are here if you want to see more pics.

The facade from a strange angle.

A painting on a window or wall. Those doctors have creepy eyes…

Evening sun through a room on second floor.

Room with strangely loose wallpaper.

Endless corridors everywhere.


Angled empty room.

The chair is still there.

The bench under the cool operating lamps.

The lamps once more. These lamps are well documented now. 🙂

More rooms with operating lamps …

… and more lamps …

… and another one.

It is fun to shoot 90 degree angled corridors with wide angle.

And another corner of the hospital.

Great light in this room.

Attic windows.

Looking out on the roof.