Right beside the E6 motorway, in the village of Skee in Strömstad municipality in Sweden, is an abandoned train station. The station lies deserted with windows and doors nailed shut. The railway line also looked quite old and unused, but trains are still running here. It is the 18 mil long Bohus Line between Gothenburg and Strömstad.

The line was originally planned as a train line from Skåne, all along the coast to Norway. The construction of the stretch Uddevalla – Skee was started in 1900. So the station is quite old. After the dissolution of the union in 1905, the plan for a tram line to Norway was dropped and the northernmost station became Strömstad. The freight traffic never took off on the line, but passenger trains are going still. The northern part of the line is in poor condition while the stretch from Uddevalla and south was renovated in 1990 and allows for fast trains of the Regina type to run there. They have a top speed of 200 km/h and the railways southern part allows speeds up to 140 km/h.

It is just about 2,5 mil between Østfoldbanen in Norway to the Swedish Bohus Line. Many still want to complete the more than 100-year-old plans to link the Norwegian and the Swedish railway. This will facilitate the availability along the coast, decrease the freight traffic on the roads and make the railway faster to Gothenburg.

There were other abandoned buildings along the track. Among other things, a small housing that comes in next post.

Skee station

Boarded up

Sign with distances

Building along the track

Some stuff inside

The track looks old, but looks can deceive. They are still in use.

Railroad detail

And then the Regina train arrived…