A really cold snowy day a while back I went to see this abandoned secondary school in Norway with another explorer. The disadvantage of exploring in the snow is that our tracks were to visible. We had to search a bit around the building for the entry point but found it at last. We went through a lot of class rooms, saw the swimming pool area and the gymnasium with a stage. The wood floor here was amazingly wavy and wobbly. Then we went up to a science classroom and did our final shots with some leftover science equipment. The amazing thing about this place this particular day was that almost every window had frosted and the visibility inside out was zero. The result was a nice even light in the rooms and I felt we were walking around in a space totally separated from the outside world. Great feeling.

The school was abandoned and left to decay in 2006. The buildings was bought by a real estate company in 2008 and there are plans for rebuilding the place to a clinic for people with deadly diseases. However the reconverting hasn’t started yet since the court adjourned the sale due to some problems with the regulations of the area. There were little vandalism at the time I was there, but I’ve heard it’s in a worse state now. They should really hurry up and fix the place. Water is entering through the roof and there are lots of other damages. It is falling apart.

Well outside we saw that the wind and a new thick layer of snow had helped us cover our footsteps.


The floor in the gym hall has seen better days.






The empty swimming pool area. Sad to see empty swimming pools in a country that struggle to teach kids to swim.








Great decay here. Very obvious how quick water can damage buildings.

saner_l_hallways ut

saner_l_hallways _upper

saner_l_hallways _lower

saner_l_hallways _knagger


saner_l_hallways ovenskilt

saner_l_classroom _cold

Another empty cold classroom.

saner_l_classroom _water

Water damage on the floor and the final “Last day! Summer!” message on the board.

saner_l_classroom _tilted

saner_l_classroom _science

saner_l_classroom _flasks

Flasks and other science lab equipment. NAOH is Sodium (Natriumhydroksid in Norwegian).

saner_l_classroom _brochure

A funny brochure about oil and gas from 1971.

saner_l_classroom _fire