Another German sanatorium that is abandoned and forgotten. This one lays in a forest with roads and heavy traffic passing by. The building is a gem and a cool urbex stop. It was built between 1912 and 1914 which means it’s almost a 100 years old. It was built as a lung hospital, probably treating tuberculosis patients, by a doctor called Walter. The sanatorium itself is named after his wife. Before it was abandoned it served as a skin clinic, but since 1994 it has stood empty.

The rooms are mainly empty. The main attraction is the magnificent piano which is left behind. Pianos and dentist chairs are heavy objects that are rarely moved from buildings. Seen a lot of them.

Soon I will start upload my pictures and posts from several locations from United Kingdom. Very difficult country do to urbex in, but very rewarding and exiting as well. Some pictures have already found their way to my flickr stream. 🙂

The exterior of the main building.

Another angle.

The main stairs in the middle of the building.

The stairs. The roof is almost collapsing.

Door to ‘Station 1’, whatever that means.

The leftover grand piano is quite nice.

Just a detail shot of the piano.

From the second floor.

A room with tiles. Something to do with a kitchen or shower room.

A room on the upper levels.

Another room with a view.

From the loft.

In a room in the top of the loft this desk stood with a huge map over Berlin.

Stairs to the basement.

No keys.

The exterior of the building from the opposite side.