Finally a new post from me. I have quite a lot to catch up with. These are a few shots from a visit to some empty abandoned blocks with flats used by refugees in Austria. Huge empty buildings with lots of space and a really nice view from the roof. This was my first roof top experience on a tall abandoned building. It was amazing to relax a bit on the roof in the sun. Most of the rooms inside was empty inside but some had furniture like beds and shelves.

Exterior of some of the empty buildings.

Looking for a way inside.

Tall, abandoned building.

The elevators were actually working, but I used the stairs. Some of the other crew members tried thou. 🙂

Testing my remote camera trigger and tried to make an interesting shot at the same time.

Long corridor.

Bathroom with water in the crane. Great to be able to wash my hands on an urbex location.

Corridor in another floor.

There were lots of empty rooms but some of them had stuff inside.

Looking down from a window in one of the top floors.

Another straight down shot.

Taking a walk on the roof.

Nice view from the top. Great place to relax a bit in the sun.