These are shots from a visit to an abandoned coal-fired power plant in Austria. It was actually my first visit to a larger industrial site. I had wanted to shoot pipes and machinery for a long time. This place was perfect for it – lots of pipes everywhere. The place had to large rooms. Boiler room and generator room. Coal came through a long conveyor belt from the outside to the boiler room, which in turn burned to heat up water. Steam was then transported via pipes to a turbine which produces power in the generator.

The place started producing power in 1964 but has been abandoned since 1987. Parts of the place was disassembled so it looked like they eventually will demolish the place. It’s also used training facility for the COBRA special forces and Austrian police. Luckily we didn’t meet them. Great day out with an awesome crew.

Powerplant generator room.

The Siemens power generator.

Gauges and dials.

Generator hall from the back.

There was a control room behind the windows to the left.

Many of the control room parts was removed. Some of them placed here.

Fisheye shot of the main hall with a nice traverse crane under the ceiling.

The deaerator in the abandoned coal-fired power plant.

Deaerator, second view.


Turbine tha got steam from the adjacent boiler room.

View to the level below. This place was huge. Next to this huge room was another one with lots of pipes, handles and machines.

Machines and pipes on the level below.

Only natural light in this place.

A small local control hut with phone and chair.

Through to the next large halls next to the generator room.

Lots of buttons with light next to a collection of keys.

Looking straight up at the different levels of gratings and walkways.