In Oslo there are still many ruins and traces of World War II. East of Oslo, under ‘Østmarksetra’, the Germans built one of Oslo’s largest bunkering facilities. It is 20 meters down the mountain and it is 70 meter long with two floors. Amenities such as a mini golf course and a cafe were made so the German soldiers could use this as a relaxation place. The bunker was also a hiding place for Reichskommissariat if the Allies invaded the country. More pictures from the inside can be seen on this forum, because I have not been there myself. You must be logged in to see the pictures.

Entrance to the mountain with Østmarksetra on top

Today the bunker is owned by the Sivilforsvaret (Civil Defence), but has been unused and empty the last 4-5 years.

‘Østmarksetra’ above the mountain halls was built already in 1926 as restaurant with great access to the forests around. It burned in 1927 but was rebuilt in 1928. In 1946 buildings were requisitioned by the German navy. Until the late 1960’s there was a sports lounge here. Today it is run as a restaurant and banquet rooms.

In the woods around there are various remnants of past activity here. A kind of bunker house with many concrete pillars around lies northwest of the place. The bunker has two rooms and was perhaps a communication bunker. The columns are remains from either demolished buildings or had the function as antenna foundations.

Concrete pillars for an antenna, a demolished building or something else

A rusty rake on the ground

Topside bunker hidden in the forrest

The door to the topside communication bunker

On a hill above there’s an eerie water tank build in stone. I do not know if this has something to do with the bunker complex. It has a hatch on top with a little rusty stair going down in the dark.

Hatch on top of the water tank

Rusty stairs all the way down

Entrance or pipe. Blocked further down.

Walls of stone reveals the old water tank

On the opposite side of the location is the main entrance to the mountain complex. Hidden slightly to the right of this door there is another entrance to an aggregate room. There is also an exterior built concrete structure with a red wooden house on top. This house is partially burned and collapsed.

The main entrance to the facility

Door to the aggregate room

I really wish is to see the inside of the bunker complex, but that has to be another time.

Red house on top og the third entrance to the bunker

The red house is partly collapsed and burned

Burnt stuff

Inside the house