One early Sunday morning, trying to beat rising sun, I drove to see this old abandoned water driven grain mill after a tip from TommyG. I eventually found the place and was astonished that it hadn’t been destroyed by vandals. One side of the building was partly collapsed, and thin floor boards with lots of open gaps to the level below, made me quite uneasy. But walking slowly, and taking advantage of strong points close to walls and pillars, I checked out at least the main floor and the basement. Some old machinery was still inside and on one label I could read “Kristiania”. Oslo, the capital of Norway, was called “Christiania” between 1624 and 1925. Some years from 1877 to 1897 this was written “Kristiania”. Don’t know anything about this mill and it’s age unfortunately.

By the way.. I didn’t beat the sunrise…

The exterior of the watermill

Stair to the top floor and machines

Wide angle shot of the interior of main floor

Stairs between floors

The mill stones

Another interior shot of the mill this sunny morning

Turning wheel of some kind. Maybe to a valve.


Rusty detail from one of the machines

The label where it says Kristiania… Difficult to read? Yes.. TommyG was smart enough to shoot the label from the opposite side.

Turning thing with sharp teeth, or at least they used to be

Lower floor. The water was pouring in from the waterfall in the corner in the back

Shaft and wheels that used to transfer power to something. And the green color is real.

Small turning wheel

Nice wheel

Old Petkus machine