It was a cold day when I stood up early and drove to this location – a nursing home in a small Norwegian city abandoned in 2005/06. The sleepy city and houses surrounding the buildings was still asleep. Frost on the trees and fog on the ground made a strange mood. I felt quite alone in the world when I entered the area. I found the entry point pretty quick and started exploring the oldest part first built in the last century. The place was built in a U shape with the oldest white wooden building on the right, and the newest as a connected L to this one. A fairly large place, but mostly empty.

I walked around for a couple of hours and went through the whole place. Some areas was unfortunately very vandalized with much broken glass and mess all over. I have read lots of news articles in the papers that police have stopped youth from damaging the place many times.

A strange thing happened in there – I got a tiny cut in my finger that kept bleeding the whole time when I was inside. Very annoying. Think I got blood on my camera and lenses and everything. Immediately after I got out of the building the bleeding stopped. Strange.