I’ve made a book which is called ‘Forlatte steder’ which means ‘Abandoned places’. It has 240 pages with photography and a few pages with text. The book is a photo project that shows buildings and places that are no longer being used and are abandoned. Slowly but surely, nature works to take back and break down the places people once built and no longer need. Paint peeling on walls, rust, broken glass, silence, left behind objects from a lost era is some of what makes photography it so exciting.

With pictures from journeys to Germany, UK, Austria, Sweden and Norway in the period 2009 to 2012 and shows the old mental hospitals, sanatoriums, bunkers, hotels, amusement parks, old industrial sites and a car cemetery name a few. Some shots are pure documentation photos, while others are processed through a HDR technique to increase the mood in an attempt to imagine what the world would look if humans suddenly disappeared.

How to buy:

– The printed hardcover book can be bought on blurb.com for  $85.95:
– There are also an ipad Ebook version for $14.99:

If you buy any of the versions, feel free to give me constructive feedback and comments so I can improve on upcoming books. Drop me an email or something. If you want to be on a notify list when I have translated it to English, send me a message as well.

It looks like this: