Pictures from a trip I had earlier this year to this abandoned military camp somewhere in Norway. Originally the grounds was a farm but the officers took over the place in 1663. During the second world war German soldiers used the place a convalescent home. At least one of the buildings on the grounds today are built in 1887 but most of the buildings looks newer.

Between 1952 and 1998 the camp was used as a military camp. The camp has been used as a base for Norwegian UN operations and quarters for a nearby Nike battery. The military activity here ended in 1998 and from then to 2004 the place was a refugee camp operated by the Red Cross with 300 refugees from 27 nations.

Today the buildings are abandoned and the decay is prominent. The camp is registered as heritage properties and thereby listed and can not be demolished.

The gate

Buildings close to the entrance.


Nice building built in 1887

Inside the canteen building.

Looking towards the kitchen area.

The closed doors to the canteen building.

Main hall


A cool organ in front of the stage.

The large kitchen with lots of stuff left.

Kitchen equipment still hanging.

Washing machines

Shop in the basement with lots of fire extinguisher powder on the floor.

Small kitchen in the basement.

Garages in the other end of the camp.