Underneath Oslo there is a well hidden old silver mine which is called ‘Akersberget silver mines’. It dates back to the medieval ages and is believed to be the oldest mine on Norway. The mine is mentioned in a book written in the year 1170 but some believe the mine actually existed when Harald Hardråde founded the city of Oslo around the year 1050 and that the vikings got a lot of their silver from here and not just from plundering.

This part is an adit (‘stoll’ in Norwegian) which is a tunnel dug horizontally straight into the rock. The small wooden door in front of the entrance was surprisingly open. This mine is surly a well hidden secret underneath Oslo. Parts of the mine is under water and impossible to enter without diving gear.

In the same area lies four underground halls made in the 1843. They were used as a chilled storage place for beer made at Ytterborgs Bryggeri. In 1897 was the place abandoned since the whole beer factory moved. During WW2 they stored vegetables here. Today the place is silent with a graveyard on top. My shots was taken during a urbex meeting in Oslo in 2013.

akersberget_landscape_0005_Layer 273
 Inside the medieval silver mine under Oslo

akersberget_landscape_0004_Layer 274
akersberget_landscape_0002_Layer 276
akersberget_landscape_0003_Layer 275
Beer halls

akersberget_landscape_0001_Layer 277
akersberget_portrait_0000_Layer 88
akersberget_portrait_0001_Layer 87