Last year I traveled to Austria, met some great people and saw some amazing locations. This first post shows a large manor house, herrenhause, situated in the middle of a city. Visited on a very sunny day. The highlights was a couple of nice staircases with paintings and columns and other details, and a room with a collapsed ceiling. The blue color resemblance the falling of the sky. Other than that there were lots of empty rooms, fireplaces and strange bathrooms. Don’t know much about the history of the place, but I think the owner of a demolished nearby factory lived here with his servants. Correct me if I’m wrong, and don’t rely on the information in the last sentence. 🙂

In the basement there were a small corridor perfect for playing with silhouettes and lights.

One of the amazing staircases in the building.

The staircase from the top.

One of many empty rooms.

A room with fireplace and a hole in the wall to access the room with collapsed ceiling.

The room with collapsed blue ceiling.

A hidden bathroom behind the remains of the collapsed ceiling.

Open doors between different rooms. Quite satisfied with this shot.

Yeat another bathroom. This one has its own garden with growing vegetation.

The loft with a nice light ray.

A forgotten suitcase.

Fisheye shot of a more simple staircase.

Closeup of one of several types of wallpapers.

A nice long corridor.

The second amazing staircase in the building.

Incredible ceiling here too.

Staircase, other angle.

Details from the stair railing lies on the floor.

Paint peeling on the way down to the basement.

The old wine cellar. Empty unfortunately.

Exterior shot of one part of the large manor house.

Entrance to smaller adjacent building.

Strange room. Every wall was covered with newspapers and lots of mess everywhere.

A green bathroom…

… and a very narrow one.

Burned doll at the attic.

Forgotten children toys and a crib in a dark room.