Urbex Links

There is an incredible amount of good urban exploration sites out there with pictures of abandoned places. There are few Norwegian pages on the subject, but in the other Scandinavian countries you’ll find many pages and a larger urbex community. Here is a collection of my favorite urbex photographers. And if you come across good Norwegian or other websites please let me know.

Urban exploration photo pages

Undercity.org – Amazing pictures from many countries.
Övergivna Platser – The first web site on the subject i came across. Amazing site with pictures from Sweden and the rest of the world.
Aikamatka.net – Page with amazing pictures from Finland, Sweden, Italy, Latvia and Belgium.
Folkfritt – From Chernobyl to Swedish factories. Great text and photos.
zaq.se – Lots of pictures. Gallery from Lier. Much from Sweden.
Decay, ruins, wrecks and scrap – Amazing collection of abandoned industry, houses, cars etc.
opacity.us – Great photopage from urban ruins in Europe and USA.
rosa kattens RUINROMANTIK – Lots of cool stuff from Berlin and Sweden.
Forbidden-Places – Cool site
District Noir – Great site with amazing pictures from sites around Berlin.
Derelict and disused – TommyG’s nice page with photos of abandoned Norwegian sites
Vincent J. Stoker – Fantastic pictures of abandonments and I like the design of his page
Forlatte steder – Norwegian and Swedish photo urbex blog
Past glory NL – Amazing places and pictures.
lost-places.com – Amazing site with lots of places and pictures.
Guerrilla Exploring – Great site with stories and pictures from a lot of great missions and location.
Tomboy Urbex – Japanese urbexer with nice pictures and cool locations.
Cavemen Explorers – The blog belonging to the Norwegian Cavemen Explorers.
Urbecks – Some nice photos here. And he loves Commodore

Urban exploration Forums

28dagarsenare.se – My favorite UE forum. Swedish really, but a bit of Norwegian and Danish locations here and there. Language: Scandinavian
28dayslater.co.uk – English UE forum.
freak.noNorwegian forum with own Urban exploring thread.Language: Norwegian
Kystfort.com – Forum with bunkers, fortifications and other abandoned war ruins in Norway. Language: Norwegian
Urban Exploration Norge – Norwegian forum. Must be member. Language: Norwegian
Talkurbex.com – Nice page with lots of interesting stories, pictures and tips.

Other websites

Kiddofspeed, Ghost Town – A motorcycle ride through Chernobyl. Interesting reading.
Hashima Island/Battelship Island – Creepy place
Urbex Norway – Flickr group with pictures from Norwegian UE. Add your pictures taken within Norwegian borders (incl Svalbard and Jan Mayen)
My youtube channel – uexplores youtube channel

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