Three abandoned warehouses are lined up somewhere in Oslo. I do not know the history of these buildings but they may have been warehouses for prints and advertising material. Walls and ceilings are either mossy or crushed and otherwise there is not much here except large empty room on the upper level.

Warning signs of asbestos are hanging on the buildings. Asbestos fibers from crushed materials in walls and ceiling are not smart to breathe in because of an increased risk of diseases, among them cancer. But one should be exposed over a longer time before it is directly harmful. Asbestos is a mineral with many good qualities that makes it work perfectly as insulation in houses among other things. It is insulated, non flammable and can withstand a lot. It became illegal to use asbestos as insulation in 1977, and all use was banned in 1985.

A plan for the construction of a large new warehouse facility here is proposed so these buildings will probably be torn down in nearest future.

Abandoned warehouses in a row


Facade of warehouse

The door with an opening

The basement was closed

Overgrown and decayed

Walls with asbestos plates

Asbestos warning sign

Inside on of the warehouses

Very empty

Not much to see really

Time to get out of the asbestos buildings