The ‘Labyrinth School’ in Belgium is a very well known abandoned place for urbexers and the place is well photographed. The main goal for this mission was to see the amazingly long corridors as well as finding the old stroller in the attic. The place was under demolition or reconversion when we entered the place so it might be gone now for all I know. We crawled through a small hole in a hedge and made our way to the first building. Ahead we saw a couple of vans with workers blocking the road. We first thought of sneaking past them, but we went for the “walk right past them” method like we were supposed to be there. That worked. We walked straight past them, said hello, and carried on. They didn’t even look at us.

The place used to be a farming school for children. They started the plans for building in 1910 but it was delayed because of the outbreak of World War 1. But in the 1926 it was finished. Here children could learn about carpentry, basketry, cut and seam, agriculture and livestock. Between the buildings was gardens and the long corridors ensured that the students could walk inside between the different functions such as classrooms, kitchens, workshops, gymnasiums, greenhouses and an educational farm.

lsc_l_0007_Layer 294
Classic split corner shot in the abandoned school.

lsc_l_0006_Layer 295
Probably the longest corridor I’ve ever seen.

lsc_p_0000_Layer 93

lsc_l_0004_Layer 297
The gym.


lsc_p_0001_Layer 92

lsc_l_0003_Layer 298
I had to sign the board.

lsc_l_0005_Layer 296


lsc_l_0008_Layer 293

lsc_l_0010_Layer 291

One of the goals for this mission: To shoot the old stroller in the attic.

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