This large shopping center, KB-center or Kløfta Butikksenter, stands empty and unused, north of Oslo. It was bought by Olaf Thon ten years ago and has been neglected since then. The only major competing shopping center nearby is Romerikssenteret, which is also owned by Thon.

The locals are upset that the KB-center is not demolished. The municipality has ordered the owner to demolish many times, but the court doesn’t think it is “looking ugly enough” for the local community.

There have been attempts to use the building for other business, but this has not succeeded. Now the owner wants to build apartments on the land but the municipality doesn’t want that. So the tactic is: If the owner doesn’t get permission to build, the buildings will just stand there unused and abandoned. Currently, it appears that the parties still disagree with each other.

I see the frustration of the local people. But then again it is quite fascinating to see such a building stand derelict and unused.

Front entrance still with advertising poster

Windows next to the front entrance

Front entrance

Back door to the parking lot

The abandoned shopping center

Side door

Panorama view