For many years this house has stood empty next to the E6 towards Oslo. The sound of cars and trucks and the motorway bridge next to it makes it understandable that no one want to live here. The owner want to demolish it and build office buildings here. The problem is that it lies within a 100 meter limit the Public Roads Administration (Vegvesenet) has placed along the road. This limit will ensure better development of the road in the future and protect against noise and dust to the surrounding homes / offices.

The house has two floors plus attic and vandalism is extremely clear. There is almost no windows left and no doors (except for some stacked in a room). It is said to be the last residents who took the doors and windows. Inside there is rubbish on the floors but really not much exciting to see. An overturned water tank, Mickey Mouse wallpaper on a child’s room and some old LP covers.

The house is now demolished.

The house next to the highway

Exterior of abandoned house

Just some windows left


Garden wall on the back

Interior – flipped water tank

Quite trashed and vandalized

Living room with sofa

Interior walls

Stair to the loft

Old record