Some Very Religious People Used To Live here.

This small house was the first place we went to on a long weekend trip to Belgium and France. After we managed to set up the GPS coordinates properly and figuring how to get out of the airport with the rental car we were on our way.

We found the small village easily and the house as well. We parked the car on the backside next to the neighbor’s house. An old man was peaking at us from his green garden. The first task was to find an entrance and of course, we did all the classic faults like climbing over a razor fence when there was no fence one meter to the side… Unsuccessful attempt to climb over a garden shed to reach an open second-floor window… Made a hell of a lot of noise when treading on some metal plates that made the neighbor’s dog start barking… We almost gave up until I just for fun checked the front door which happened to be open. So after much hassle, we were inside the dark house.

What struck me the most was a number of religious items, icons, pictures and crosses everywhere. Some really religious people must have lived here once. The first floor was very dark but with long exposure and a bit of flashlight, the room came to life. Lots of nice furniture, cutlery, and crockery.

The hallway was full of letters and mail all over the floor. No one has been here for a long time. The second floor had bedrooms and Jesus figures all over.

After some hours we went out in the sunshine and the old man looked at us once more before continuing his garden work.

Maison N - Living room

Maison N - First room

Maison N - Kitchen

Maison N - Slippers

Maison N - Livingroom 2

Maison N - Living room closet

Maison N - Forks

Maison N - Details

Maison N - Picture dof

Maison N - coffemachine

Maison N - Splitt

Maison N - Bedroom 1

Maison N - Cross detail

Maison N - Cross splitt

Maison N - Bedroom 2

Maison N - Religious picture

Maison N - Religious items

Maison N - Stairway

Maison N - Oil lamp

Maison N - Loft