Pictures from a visit to an Austrian abandoned hotel with disco and soda water/lemonade factory in the basement. A fantastic urbex location. Lots of stuff to photograph and looked like it has been abandoned for many years. I felt like the time had stopped somewhere in the 60ties or 70ties. Upstairs was lots of bedrooms an even a small apartment with sofas, an old TV and a desk. In the cabinets there were still old clothes and dresses.

At one point an old man arrived at the building and looked through the window. We hid in the basement for a while but he disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. Maybe just another curious person like ourselves.

The bar disk in the first floor.

It was in great shape and looked quite old.

The fridges behind the bar that once kept thing cool.

View behind the bar disk.

The main entrance. We came in another way.

The wooden bar in the basement.

A nice furnished room in one of the upper levels. Looked like an apartment or office for the manager perhaps.

Old sofas and the TV.

The master bedroom in close connection to the furnished room.

All the clothes in the cabinets was left.

One of the bedrooms at the top floors.

Another bedroom.

A typical corridor with a chair shot.

An empty room with a lonely chair.

The offices belonging to the small soda water factory downstairs.

Another shot from the office.

Nice part of the small production facility.

Empty bottles and boxes stacked in the corner.

The production machine.

Same machine from another angle.