We went to visit this hidden, closed down hospital in the middle of a busy English city. The place was quite large and had some really nice secrets like the X-ray rooms, classroom and cool chairs.

The first parts of this place was built in 1877 and opened in 1890, but extensions has been added on many times. The latest addition was in 1950 and was a new ward block with 60 beds. The place was abandoned in 1992 and the medical services moved over to another hospital. A business man has bought it to build something, but nothing has happened. Urbexers are happy but the neighbors are not.

The entry point was on one of the upper floors and we had to climb through a difficult route of obstacles, fences and windows high up. The exit was through the main gate by the help of a security guard that catched us. :/

Corridor next to the Xray rooms with red doors.

The X-ray machine.

X-ray machine from another angle.

Adjacent room to the X-ray rooms.

Some stairs.

Chairs in a corridor.

The top floors.

The hidden piano.

Poisonous flasks in a lab room.

Scientific lab with some really nice equipment and a fantastic PC.

Corner shop – a Voluntary shop to be precise.

A large and very decayed kitchen.

Body fridges in the abandoned morgue.

Detail shot of the stretchers in the morgue fridges.

Some sort of left over bench in a corner.

Another dark creepy corridor.

Behind the counter.

A phone.

Wall signs.

A nicely decayed classroom.

Another angle of the classroom.

Just a room with some stuff.

A record player left alone.

Some sort of medical thing.

The cool chairs in a room which looked like a small gym.

There were lots of corridors here.