An awesome abandoned home in Sweden – untouched and full of stuff

Sweden is literally full of abandoned houses and homes. Even if I’m from Norway we tend to travel over the border to Sweden to see all the amazing abandonments scattered across the country. The reasons for all the abandonments are many but often there is quarrel between family members in an heir dispute, or there are no relatives that want to take over the home after the death of the owner. Another reason is that many towns in Sweden is built up around industry or mines, but when the industry moves or the mine is depleted, many of the inhabitants have to move and leave their houses.

Many of them are often empty, but this one was full of stuff. It was an eerie and incredible feeling walking around the building with all the family pictures on the walls, a ton of war medals and diplomas hanging all around. I felt like trespassing in a house where someone lived and would just come back.

I don’t know a lot about the history here, but it’s been a while since the previous owner lived here. The house was almost completely hidden in trees and vegetation. No wonder why so few people have been here and peeked around.

Enjoy the pictures underneath. Why do you think a house like this are just abandoned and not taken care of?

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Hidden abandoned house