It was a nice sunny day to walk around this huge abandoned location somewhere in Norway. The garden center burnt to the ground in 2009 after a period of abandonment because of bankruptcy. The place was set on fire and police suspects possible insurance fraud. The trials begin soon.

There are lots to see here and the place is huge. Shopping carts, piles of flowerpots and equipment, rusty pipes, burned out lawnmowers and a forklift which looks like it survived the fire to mention a few things.

On tour together with fotoknudsen/ 🙂

The burnt out garden center from the outside.

The main entrance. A row of trolleys are still there.

Shopping carts.

Another entrance at the back. Not too difficult to enter the place.

Inside the garden center.

Fish eye shot of the destroyed roof. It was a very warm and sunny day.

The forgotten fork lift.

Inside the fork lift.

Collapsed roof.

A trolley.

A melted radio.

Where people used to pay for their plants.

A burned out tractor.

Plants are still growing.

Burned out electrical cabinet.

Find the pallet truck…

Lots of pots 1

Lots of pots 2

Destroyed room.

Plants growing through a fertilizer bag.

A broken and forgotten car.