A couple of old boats, or more correctly barges, are anchored along the Donau riverbank in Austria. Rust and decay is everywhere and plants are growing even through the steel hull. In the last post I did my first roof-topping, and this was my first photo shoot on a abandoned boats. ūüôā The barges was built in 1965, but apart from that I don’t have any interesting fact or history about them. I’ll guess they’ll lay here until they rust to pieces. Great day out in the warm sun.


 Two abandoned barges is ready to be explored.

 Narrow walkways in the side of the barges.

 Looking up at the bridge on barge one.

 Barge two.

¬†Looks like a face. ūüôā

 Heavy decay on the bridge on barge one.

 A small plant is growing on the bridge floor.

 Bridge on barge two with a nice control chair.

 A sonar i guess.

 Close-up of a wheel on the bridge.

 The engine room.

 The inside was quite messy.

 A dark room in the front of the accommodation.

 Beds and corridor.

 Funny light switch on the wall with a face.

 Narrow corridor.

 Interesting to see how vegetation can grow almost anywhere.

 Another object which looks like it has features of a face.

 Detail close up shot of a valve.