Along a river which since the 1500’s has been frequently used for sawing and milling operations, this abandoned concrete building lies on a disused industrial area. In 1850 there were two saws here, one on each side of river. The concrete building was erected in 1942 over one of the old saws and has been used for lots of different activity. Once the factory produced tools for planning mills and pulp plants. Some years there was furniture factory here. The latest company here was into car painting and car body work. In 2006, when the house was empty, there were some problems with fire in the building and surrounding area. Next to the house is an old fire house built in 1918.

From outside

Inside, it is only empty space, and various graffiti works on the walls on all floors. Not much exciting to see to be honest. Oddly enough, the dust and rubbish was swept together in the middle of the floor in piles and I saw garbage bags in a corner. Someone had swept the floors and tidied the place up a little bit.

The fate of the house is probably to be restored to apartments.

Large room on the first floor

Not very much to photograph in here

A door with stickers

Large space


More empty space

Top floor with lots of graffiti

Also from top floor

Down again

Fire house from 1918, quite decayed