‘Drammen female servant home’ is a derelict building which probably will be demolished quite soon. The house was designed by the functionalist architect Bjarne Thinner Syvertsen in 1932. Current owner of the house, Buskerud Hospital, wants to replace it with a car park. Others want to preserve the house, renovate it and use as student residences, for example.

The house contains eight small apartments. These were at once used by single women. Structurally the building is probably in bad condition. The roof is flat and on all satellite pictures I have studied, large water ponds are visible. Given the poor maintenance the building has had one can only imagine how the water has damaged the inside. Looking at the pictures you can see that the house at once was yellow, but on the exposed areas the color are washed off in the course of time. Crack formation on the facade is visible too. Basement and first floor have covered windows.

Demolition or not renovation of this building will be a great task. The fate of this old 30ties building is still not decided.

The building seen from the street

Yellow wall

Weathered facade

Lamp hanging from the roof inside

Lamp outside. The name of the building can be seen on the wall.


The entrance

Looking into the cold basement