I had seen stunning pictures from this place online for a very long time before I eventually was able to go there myself. It is known by the name Disco Inferno amongst urbexers. I don’t know who that came up with the name but it fits the place perfectly. It’s a burnt down disco in an industrial area with a very eerie feeling. Quite in contrast to when happy people danced all night under the mirror ball. There were a lot of snow outside and some snow inside too coming from a hole in the roof. There were strange sounds all over the place – water dripping, snow smelting, squeaking noises from metal parts barely hanging from the ceiling. The place didn’t feel safe at all. The big chandeliers hanging from the roof I had seen in previous pictures was gone.

The place could hold up to 2000 people but luckily the fire started when it was empty. No on got injured. It used to the more melted DJ equipment but it has been stolen.

disco inferno_djbooth

disco inferno_dj0

disco inferno_dj1

disco inferno_dj2


disco inferno_fisheyeoverview

disco inferno_bar_glasses1

disco inferno_bar_glasses2

disco inferno_bar_glasses3

disco inferno_burntlamp


disco inferno_fromside1

disco inferno_fromsidefloor


disco inferno_stage1

disco inferno_stage3

disco inferno_wideangleoverview

disco inferno_arches