I was really happy when we was able to get into this place. I have a thing for cooling towers and only been inside one other abandoned cooling tower before this one. Back then we were out after 3 minutes by an angry guard with a dog. This time it was a walk in the park.

I had heard all sort of rumors about locked doors and difficult entry point. I was mentally prepared for the climb in and brought with a few helping aids. Luckily I didn’t need to use any of them because the urban exploring gods was happy today.

We arrived in the evening and tried to hurry because we wanted as much light as possible. It was raining and overcast weather. Before checking where the actual climbing spot we went straight for the easiest way in – the door. Just to check. And it was open. Actually it was so rusty that i doubt it has ever been locked…

Well inside the massive size struck us. It’s impossible to catch in a picture. Even if I did wide-angle and fish eye shots the feeling of being there was immense. In the center was a huge hole covered in green moss. It looked deep so I tried avoiding falling down. The photographic possibilities in here is amazing with lots of lines and symmetry all over.

So what is a cooling tower? This one belonged to a coal powered power plant build in the 1930’s. Cooling towers are used to evaporate excess heat to the atmosphere from the power production. The power plant was abandoned in 2006.

I’ll hope to see more cooling towers. They are like temples to me.

Cooling tower center


Cooling tower towards center

Cooling tower wide up

Cooling tower portrait

Cooling tower wide angle

Cooling tower center fisheye

Cooling tower straight up

Cooling tower portrait fisheyeAnd finally a cooling tower exterior shot: