The visit to this abandoned seminary with chapel was really worth it and I’m really glad I have seen this location. The abandoned part is the junior section of a huge priest college built in 1859. The rest of the complex is still active but there are rumors of full shut down during 2011.

It is a beautiful place and the chapel is truly amazing. It’s quite sad to see a place like this in such a state of decay. The statues, the marvelous colored glass windows and the whole magic atmosphere was a rare experience. The ceilings and walls are hand painted with incredible detail.

The rest of the complex contains what I believe is sleeping quarters, a lot of rooms and corridors and even a part with prison steel doors for some reason.

This is one of the places I really doesn’t hope get destroyed and vandalized even more and I would be really sad if I in the future see pictures of the place with the statues stolen.

The front of the amazing chapel.

Interior of the chapel room.

View towards the back.

The organ.

Some really nice statues which are still there.

Fisheye shot from the floor up to roof.

The walls were hand painted with incredible detail.

Another statue.

Details from the back of the chapel.

My guess is that these halls used to be sleeping quarters, but I’m not sure.

“Please knock”

Small room adjacent to the sleeping quarters.

Stairway with huge amounts of bird poo and a big bell haning underneath the roof.

Dark corridor with nice paint peeling.

Sign with a request to clean your boots. Not as easy as it used to be perhaps…

Corridor with smashed wheelchair.

Courtyard between the buildings.

Quite an outstanding exterior as well.

Photographer at work. 🙂 The chapel is the building on the right.

The friendly guard horses met us outside.