During the cold war a line of 6 defensive combat facilities where planned in the Norwegian forests. The fear of a possible Soviet attack was very real in the late 80ties and early 90ties. This bunker was built in 1989. After the ‘fall of the iron carpet’ the plans was abandoned and only 3 of these bunkers where built – all looking the same. The facility accommodates for MG-3 machine guns, mobile 20 mm anti air guns and Carl Gustav 84 mm recoilless rifles (RFK84mm). The bunkers are now owned by private land owners.

This bunker was very dark and wet resulting in a lot flash light use and some long exposure shots with candles. The ceilings was covered with water droplets since the dehumidifier was turned off a long time ago. One of the other bunkers, closed when I visited still has power and is dry inside. Take a look at these amazing shots.

The entrance to the well hidden defense bunker.

Stair down to one of the main rooms.

Blue lamp in the ceiling. Notice the water drops. The whole place was very humid.

One of the main rooms.

Floor plan of the facility.

The middle room with water tank.

Case with “Signalammunisjon”, pyrotechnics.

A lot of unused phones.

Ladder up to an emergency exit.

Looking up at the ladders to the observation point.

Tight corridors leading from the entrance room (right) to the Carl Gustav 84 mm recoilless rifle positions to the left.

Carl Gustav 84 mm recoilless rifle (RFK84mm) positions.

MG-3 position.

Looking out from the MG-3 position.

Phone on the wall.

Small kitchen area.

Standing in the kitchen area looking out to generator room and another exit.

Generator and dehumidifier room 1.

Generator and dehumidifier room 2.

One of the emergency fire exits.

Positions for 20 mm mobile anti air guns.

360 degrees observation post.