Deep in the forest of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, is a place with hundreds of old, derelict, abandoned cars. It is quite an amazing place, frequently visited by photographers and car enthusiasts.

The place is called Båstnäs and/or Vestre Fågelvik Car Cemetery. In the 50thies this place was run by two brothers from Töcksfors.

It’s interesting to see trees grow inside, over, under and through cars and tires. And it is interesting to come over a large green rock-like object with moss, leaves, plants and other growing things that really is the body of a VW Beetle for instance. With imagination many of the cars have faces. The contrast between nature and decayed rusty cars are extraordinary here.

It was a little bit to much sun an good weather on my trip to the car cemetery. I would rather prefer clouds and overcast weather – natures own soft box. Hope you like the shots. Larger and some HDR edited pictures are here. Please do not use my pictures without my permission.

“The road ends here”

Back to nature

Rusty Volvo

Lots of vehicles hidden in the forest

Row of decayed VW Beetles

This car looks so dead, poor thing

Last stop for this bus

Car face

The elephant car

The three Volvos

‘Fillmore’ from Cars some years later 😉

Inside a bus

A white Volkswagen Beetle. There were a lot of Beetles here and there.

Not a fantastic photo, but I like the tree that grows through this vehicle. Notice how the stem pass the door frame.

Another “Tree grown through something” picture. This time a tire.

Car very close to a tree. With a small tree under the hood.

Ghost cars. Type: Austin A35.