Another great abandoned area in Germany. It was a quite foggy morning that made the buildings look even more haunted. Some of the buildings was inaccessible and some accessible through a maze of underground tunnels between the buildings. A really great explore with lots to see an photograph. The building with the large tower is really immense and looks real unsafe with large cracks on the walls. We walked up some floors, but collapsed elements of the building made it quite dangerous and difficult to find a safe passage so we went down again.

This facility was built between 1905 and 1908 and served as a state mental institution. It was closed in 1923 due to a economic crisis, but reopened in 1925 with capacity for 1400 beds. In the thirties the capacity increased to 1800 beds. During the war the hospital was damaged and many of the buildings was used as an army hospital for Soviet Forces after 1945. There are around 28 buildings on the site. It was completely abandoned in 1992, but some of the buildings are turned into homes for people.

The sun set quickly and when one of the crew members had lost his backpack somewhere, we had to go through some buildings in the darkness to look. Quite cool since I’m not used to be at places like this in the pitch black. Luckily we found what we were looking for.

The tower building

The massive tower building doesn’t look to safe.

Looks like a haunted house.

Nice foggy morning.

Fisheye shot of a overgrown porch .

Some showers.

The large theater (or cinema) with large parts of the roof collapsed.

Stairway in one of the buildings.

Lots of letters and stuff with Russian text laying around.

More nice stuff and a phone.

The laundry building is really cool. Lots of rusty machines.

More washing machines.

Lovely evning light in this room, also in the laundry building.

Details form the ironing boards.

A cash register.

Great room with a really nice painting on one of the walls. Another view here.

A surgery room shot with fisheye.

Some nice bottles.

More left over medical stuff.

Some parts of the buildings were burnt. Like this one with a bed.

The whole floor had collapsed in this room. Not a very safe place to be.

Love this room. The green wallpapers match the vegetation growing through the floor.

An apartment room.

Close up of the crazy tower.