This psychiatric hospital in UK was built in 1869 but officially opened on 1st April 1873 capable of housing over 2000 patients. The large site included an Anglican church, a Catholic chapel, a brewery, a recreation hall (also used as a ballroom) and several farms. At one point the hospital had its own railway which provided free transport for staff and passengers but it closed down in 1957. During the World War 1 parts of the hospital was used as a military hospital. After the war the hospital grew to be the largest mental hospital in the country 3533 patients and 548 staff members.

In the late 1960s this mental asylum was referred to as “Horror Hospital” in the papers due to mistreatment of patients. Allegations of cruelty to patients led to a public inquiry. It was revealed that patients were locked into small rooms and outside in airing courts in all weather. Nurses dragged patients by their hair, beat them and set fire to their clothes and slippers.

During the 1970s and 1980s, new drugs and therapies were introduced. Long-stay patients were returned to the community or dispersed to smaller hospitals.

This location is by far the most decayed place I have been too and I really felt unsafe at some points. When large sharp pieces of broken glass was dangling from the ceiling in thin metal strings I felt an urgent need for a hard hat. Maybe that’s why the had secured the place so good with lots of high fences and guards? 🙂

Even if I kind of reveal the name of the location with this link, there are lots of historic pictures here worth a look. The main hall and some corridor shots are from back in the days are quite interesting too see and compariosn with my decay shots from present time.

And another blog update… I have decided to turn on the comment option on posts again. But I might consider removing comments about names and locations of places. 🙂

The main hall, still with Christmas decorations. A large snowflake is hanging from the ceiling.

A very decayed corridor.

Lots of long corridors stretching in all directions.

We had to be really careful here. Never seen a place in such decay before.

I found an object that weren’t crushed. 🙂

Through all the decay and vegetation you can see an old hospital.

Vegetation coming through…

Nice door.

The blue doors.

Sign on a door.

The dangerous stairs to the second floor with library and lounge.

Different angle of the stairs toward the Lawn shop.

Chair standing in decay.

The pink corridor.

One of two exterior shots of one of the many buildings.

On our way out.