This deserted asylum is abandoned in a small town in Wales with the same name. I’ve seen pictures of this place when it was abandoned, but still inn good shape. Now the decay is everywhere and little stuff is left. Thieves has taken lots of stuff, even the roof tiles. Signs outside the buildings tells us: .Keep out! Danger! Everything of value has been stolen’. Our mission is purely photographing and exploring.

The hospital was officially opened in February 1903 and could house 352 patients. In the end of 1925 455 patients were present. It is build in an echelon (compact arrow) style which is common in England and Wales. This made the buildings easy accessible and it was also easy to build on new parts. In 1955 two additional wards were constructed. During WW1 soldiers were treated here – many suffering from shell shock. Under WW2 psychiatric patients and prisoners of war was kept here. In the mid 1990s parts of the place was left unused and in 2000 the place was completely abandoned.

There was also an abandoned church across the road, but we didn’t find a way in. If we had, it would probably be too dark to photograph something in there anyway.

The administration building.

The old main hall.

Main hall windows.

Corridorshot from outside the main hall.

A room with a chair an fireplace.

Lonely chair.

TV room.

A very nice red stair.

Red stair another angle.

One of the abandoned buildings.

A very dark room with chairs and lockers.

Exterior shot taken when we moved to another building.

Another exterior shot. This is the main hall from outside.

A room with a bridge used to watch mental patients below.

The “famous” red corridor, now in decay.

A bathroom in the upper floors.

Thieves steal everything – even roof tiles.

Back of the admin building, shot while we left the palce.

Explorers at work. 🙂