This is the famous former psychiatric hospital HR in England. A very large complex of buildings on a 1,2 km2 site which opened in 1888 and closed 2003 as one of the last hospitals of this kind. The administration building, showed in the first picture, is Grade II listed which means it is of “nationally importance and of special interest” and can not be demolished. The place is now slowly converted into a village for housing. This is my first visit to abandoned buildings which are converted into something useful and the place is a mix of old buildings, new buildings and construction site.

The evening was coming pretty fast when we entered the place and we had to move quick to get at least some shots before dark. Getting into the buildings was difficult with an entry point from hell. We managed to set of a PIR sensor (on purpose so we could be escorted out the easy way), but miraculously we found another exit point while security was running to get us. So we managed to get out of there, shooting the exterior of the admin building, while watching the guards running about inside with flashlights looking for us.

Definitely my toughest mission so far but an incredible experience. Again thanks to our local UK hosts. 🙂

Welcome to the fantastic asylum H.R.

The main hall in almost complete darkness. (Long exposure shot)

There were lots of dark corridors. The Italian mosaic on the floor must have been quite amazing back in the days.

Where three corridors meet.

The glass window and details are fantastic. Hope they preserve it.

Corridor with a dead end.

No passing through here. (Except climbing, but we didn’t. 😛 )

In the huge clocktower.

Exterior shot from another angle. Do you see the ghost rabbits?