Early morning mission. Goal: To enter an asylum in the country said which was impossible to get into, we had heard. We walked across a huge muddy field and we instantly saw the huge razor fences that surrounded the hospital grounds. After a while we found a hidden spot, and by the help of some fancy climbing equipment made by one of our UK hosts, we actually managed to get over the fence. A bit scary and dangerous, but that’s how we like it. I cut my gloves on the top of the really sharp fence but didn’t get any other injuries.

We walked around a bit just to see that this place really was impossible to get into. All windows was boarded up with metal plates on first floor, all drainpipe was cut so we couldn’t climb them to the open second floor windows and anti trespass paint was smeared on all other possible climbing and access points. It was a cool mission and experience, but we didn’t get to see the inside.

A bit of history: The mental asylum has been abandoned since 1998 and was built between 1891 and 1895. The hospital was designed to a compact arrow echelon plan. There are six wards on either side of a combined chapel, recreation hall, pool and gymnasium among the usual services, and an isolation hospital and infirmary block were added in 1902. Many believes this asylum CK to be Britain’s most haunted hospital and the place have a dark history with several deaths of patients under strange circumstances and even a murder of a care-worker. The place is probably demolished now. Google ‘Cherry Knowles’ for more picture others have taken.

This is my last blog post from the UK trip. Next one will be a Norwegian abandoned place. 🙂