Another stop on the grand UK tour earlier this year. We had a quite interesting walk to get to this place. Over large fields and through a huge forest. A few dogs where barking in the distance the whole time – they was definitely aware of us. The first thing we saw on the hospital grounds was huge piles of ruble and bricks here and there. The place was literary being demolished as we walked through the area. Now and then we had to hide from workers in orange suits. Some of the buildings still stood, and we got a few shots of whats left. The most interesting wards and buildings were gone.

This mental hospital in Bristol opened 3rd May 1939 build in colony plan layout which means that there are a lot of buildings spread around in the huge forest. Abandoned in 2006. More info about the place here with several other links.

Exterior of one of the remaining buildings.


Another exterior shot.

Sign found in the building above.

Smaller hospital building in the area.

Interior of one of the smaller buildings.

Decayed room.

An intercom. One of the only objects left behind in the empty rooms actually.

Another room with great decay and paint peeling.

Paint peeling close up shot.

Me in the mirror.

Quite nice wall painting with animal theme.