In the morning fog this huge amusement park in Germany is quite an incredible sight. With a large Ferris wheel just visible in the mist and large dinosaurs laying dead in the grass, the mood was fantastic. Suddenly a face with a humorous nose with mustache appeared behind some bushes – the mad car ride attraction. It’s been all standing still for at least 8 years, abandoned in 2002 because of huge debts. The problems started in 1999 caused by few parking spaces and increased entrance fees, the visitor numbers went down. Since the park opened in 1969 the largest amount of visitors a year was 1.5 million. During the troublesome years it went down to 400.000.

The owner moved to Peru with his family. They brought with them some of the attractions, trying to start a new park in Lima. In 2004 the owner was sentenced to seven years in jail for trying to smuggle 180 kg of cocaine in one of the attractions back to Germany, desperate for money. Later his son was also sentenced to 20 year in jail for drug smuggling.

The park still stands, somewhat decayed and derelict. For how long nobody knows.

Farris wheel in the backround and dinosaurs in front.

Lost dinosaur

Some water attraction ride in the morning fog.

From the same attraction as above.

The swan boats

Walkways in the mist.

The rollercoaster ride.

First wagon ready to go.

The tunnel with cat face I think.

A mad car ride attraction wagon.

Starting point.

Another view. Gotta love those faces in the creepy setting.

The majestic Ferris wheel.