aboutme_andreasWho am I?

Hi! Welcome to my site – I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m a 39 years old hobby photographer from Norway. While I enjoy taking photographs of lots of stuff, I especially enjoy urbex photography and taking pictures of derelict and abandoned places.

The beauty of old and decayed places fascinate me. This blog page contains pictures and text from trips I have done to abandoned places around the world. I also write about other urban explorers and their awesome pictures. I often scroll through Flickr and Instagram to see what other people share.

If you want to find out more about me:

Here is a ‘Guest of the month interview’ at talkurbex.com with me.

My first time on Norwegian TV – God Morgen Norge on TV2.

Flickr photo stream with my pictures. 

Remember to check out my drone photography site Airbuzz.One too.

This site

I started writing my first blog posts in 2009. To confuse people (not really), I have changed my blog and domain name several times. I was never really satisfied. I once had a blog in only Norwegian as well. LeftToDecay.com is the latest development and the predecessor of urbexblog.com and uexplorer.wordpress.com before that. urbexblog.com will be forwarded to this site.

Do not use my pictures without permissions in written forms or on commercial web pages. On personal blogs and non-commercial web pages you can use the pictures here, but please mention the source and link back to my site.

I will not answer questions related to where abandoned places are located!

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