The Creepy Abandoned Villa in Belgium.

This old abandoned house was found next to a busy street in a town in Belgium. The next door neighbors on both sides had fine houses but this building was overgrown and creepy looking. Urban decay at it’s best.

We didn’t think too much about not being seen when we walked onto the property and up to the house. We were definitely seen but people didn’t seem to care. Maybe they were used to people checking this particular house out. We checked the exterior for the entry point and found it at last. It was a bit challenging but since we had come all the way from Norway to see this house that couldn’t stop us. I will not go into details but one hint is window high up.

The inside had nice decay with wallpapers hanging from the walls and a collapsed ceiling. Many things were left especially on the first floor. One object that got my attention was was an old Olivetti 82 typewriter. In the same room, a couple of nice perfume flasks were in cobwebs. One of them was a 4711.

This was a really nice house and a great urbex location I think. Belgium is full of places like this.

Villa O - Exterior

Villa O - Red chair

Villa O - Closed fireplace

Villa O - Fire truck

Villa O - Book on floor

Villa O - Decayed room

Villa O - Sofa

Villa O - Living room

Villa O - Perfume bottles

Villa O - Olivetti typewriter

Villa O - glasses

Villa O - Objects

Villa O - Splitt

Villa O - Bathroom high

Villa O - Bathroom

Villa O - Stairs

Villa O - Attic